My First Car - Pastel Pink Yellow


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Sensory motor molds in silicone from Spanish dëna. Here a package of six parts - the bows of a rainbow. All parts are in bright colors. The rainbow is what in the toy business is described as an "open-ended-toy". Open ended toys are toys where are up to the child to create a story in and around the game. In this way, the toy strengthens the child's imagination and creativity. The rainbow the baby can use from the time it is a newborn, but it works well into childhood. In addition, it is beautiful, to have standing up. All toys from dëna are dishwasher safe, microwave and ordinary oven - up to 230 degrees. They can also get in the freezer - down to minus 50 degrees. The shapes are part of a large series of different shapes and colors - everything from pang colors to more dimmed pastel colors, of which these are part.