Bibs - SIZE 1 (2 pack)


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BIBS All Natural Rubber Soothers & Pacifiers
Parents often have a tough time finding the best and safest products for their child. In every store, you visit you will find baby shelves stuffed with a huge variety of plastic soothers, bottles and other gear. With so many different brands to choose from it can be tough to make up your mind.
The best thing you can possibly do for your baby is to choose all natural products. Here are the top reasons to choose an all natural pacifier for your baby;
Made from natural products – Rubber soothers comes from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. The sap is collected and moulded into shape. As a result, these soothers are not just all natural and don’t contain any artificial ingredients.
Eco-friendly product - these soothers are considered eco-friendly since they are biodegradable and since the same tree can be tapped for up to 35 years without affecting the tree or the habitat of animals living in the tree.
Additive-free – These soothers are BPA free, contains no chemical softeners, no parabens, no PVC and no phthalates.
Easy to clean – The design of these pacifiers makes it easy to clean and easy to sterilise since you can use it with your normal bottle steriliser.
Babies love them – The natural rubber texture of this latex soother is soft yet durable. Babies love the texture and enjoy suckling on the soothers or chewing on these teethers.