1 Kid + 1 House - Blue


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Sensory motor molds in silicone from Spanish dëna. Here a package of two molds - a house and a figure. Both in a delicate pale blue colour. The two characters are what in the toy industry are referred to as "open-ended toys". These are toys where it is up to the child to create a story in and around the game. In this way, the toy strengthens the child's imagination and creativity. The kit here can be the child using from the age of 10 months, but it works well into childhood. First, it might be fun to bite the figure, later they can be closeted and finally they are good to bake when the child becomes a five, six years old. All toys from dëna are dishwasher safe, microwave and ordinary oven - up to 230 degrees. They can also get in the freezer - down to minus 50 degrees. The shapes are part of a large series of different shapes and colours - everything from pang colors to more dimmed pastel colours, of which these are part.